Hotel Update, Part 3-ish

Son of a B.  My damn hotel is on Ebay.  Ebay!!!!!!!!!  And the pictures of it are the ones taken by the agent the day I was there with her.  In fact, you can see Paul’s car way off in back to the right in the main pic.

My response is:

A:  THIS is what she meant by “listing it nationally”?

B:  They will NEVER get that much money for it.  No way, no how. There’s very little around that area to support the hotel business year round.  There’s enough to keep it going fairly modestly, sure (does great summer and fall, basically dead through winter and early spring, which in Buffalo, may as well last until May).  But with the amount that someone will need to put into it up front to fix it’s problems,well……….. it will take forever to recoup those expenses with the business profits.

I’m kind of bummed.  My grandfather said no one’s been to look at it.


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