Here Knitty Knitty

So I decided to actually listen to my body today and take it easy.  And you know what?  For the first day in several weeks I did not experience debilitating pain.  Unfortunately it also means that no laundry or housewoek got done and I had to rely on Emily for a lot of things.  But I also got quite a lot of knitting progress made.  The girls have been bugging me for ages to knit them some “rainbow socks”, and they picked out colorful sock yarn for the project, and today I got halfway through with a Neve sock.And it’s nice to have a day where I am not boning up on my labor breathing.  I made the mistake of preparing lasagne for dinner last night – god forbid I spend 40 minutes on my feet!  I was in agony for like 2 hours after that.  Not cool.  That’s when I decided I’d better try to be more lazy.  I’ve been on my feet very little today (mostly to let the dog out) and it’s worked.

The moral of the story is that I just might get a lot of knitting projects done by the time this baby comes.  And that’s a good thing, because I have sooooo many Works in Progress on the needles that it’s ridiculous.

On a random note, I am totally addicted to Deadliest Catch on Discovery.  I would’ve watched it all day yesterday if the girls had let me.