It’s That Time of Year

Well I had planned on penning a heated diatribe against the rednecks out there hunting deer in residential areas.  I’d been freaked out the last few days by the amount of gunfire I hear way too close to my house, making me too afraid to go in my own backyard.  And then there was the news story about that teenager who got out of bed to shower, came back in her room and found that a hunter’s stray bullet had come through the wall in her room and through the very pillow her head had so recently occupied.
But then…….then a deer ran out in front of me this evening as I was headed to the video store to return some movies.  Fortunarely I had on my high beams so I saw her approaching, and there was no oncoming traffic, allowing me to slam on my brakes and crank my wheel to the left, thus avoiding what would certainly have been a head on collision.  Stupid deer broke my car and kept running.  My right headlight was destroyed and I need a new hood.  I am ok.  My car will be ok.  But those deer?  To them redneck hunters I now say “Go get ’em, boys.”