I do have better posts than this waiting to be written, but for now my life has been hijacked by those accursed vampire books all the teen girls are screaming about.  In case you’ve been hiding out in a dirt cave in, say, Siberia, you’ll have no doubt noticed the buzz surrounding the Twilight movie which comes out today.  It’s all Maddie’s been obsessing talking about for so many months now that it’s become her official language.  I’ve been nodding politely, not quite convinced I oculd buy into all the fuss.  Rolling my eyes a bit even.  I never really intended to read the 4 books that created all the craziness.

Then some adult friends told me they had actually enjoyed the books, and that I should check them out.  Maddie jumped at the opportunity to get me on her bandwagon and promptly delvered her book for my perusal.

I couldn’t. put. it. down.  I finished it in record time and had to drive over to my mother’s house for the rest of the books.  I’ve all but finished the 3rd and should be starting the 4th and final one today.  It’s addictive.  I can’t even explain why it’s so addictive, it just is.  This isn’t my normal sort of reading material, either.

At any rate, this is my excuse for having nothing else newsworthy posted.  My normal life will resume once the books are con=mpleted.  Shouldn’t be long -I can’t stop.