One Done But………………..

As in many other things, in knitting there are projects where you think you know better the mechanics of how a project should come together than the pattern writer and so you go rogue, and you end up with a big mess and realize that “duh”, you didn’t actually know better, and should have followed the darn pattern.  And then there are times where you ignore your gut, because you don’t want to go rogue and end up screwing up another project.  And you still end up with a big mess.

I finished one mitten according to pattern.  And screwed it up totally when it came to the thumb.  I followed instructions to place all the thumb stitches on scrap yarn and keep on knitting them and  it turns out I cannot correctly accomplish this.  I should have just placed all the stitches on a holder and worked around them because that would have better achieved my desired result.  Oh well.  I still have a usable mitten for Neve, but I am not too pleased with it.


For the second one I am going to do more research and see how it should REALLY be done, and hopefully I’ll have mastered the mitten by the time the second one is complete.  They knit up rather quickly when done in one color, which satifies my need for finished objects.  I’d like to make some stripey ones and patterned ones as well, and I doubt they’ll go as quickly, but should be fun nonetheless.

And by the way, did you know CVS locks all their printer ink on the display hooks so you have to ask the cashier to walk back ad get it for you?  All I wanted was a black printer cartridge and I felt like I was purchasing some sort of contraband.   Friends dont’ let friends print recipes from Martha Stewart online!!!

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