A Mighty Big Giveaway

I am entering a contest over at the Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm blog.  The prize?  Angora goats.  Say it with me: Holy Cow! (Holy Goat?)

The info can be found here.

This is easily the most amazing blog giveaway EVER.  Someone’s going to be very, very lucky!

2 thoughts on “A Mighty Big Giveaway

  1. Darn it! I shrieked when I read this, and the kids came running…and I forgot my oldest can read…and she read it out loud to Big Guy…and he is still yelling, 5 minutes later. Something about if goats show up here on our doorstep I can move into whatever ‘I build’ for them to live in….
    Apparently he doesn’t think I should enter.
    Do you think I will listen?

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