Friday Knitting

We’ve gotten much of the work we needed to get done this week for school completed already (just some math and reading to do later) so I am taking some time to spend on knitting.  I’ve got a case of that “Finishup-itis” that seems to be going around the Knitting Blogosphere of late and I am trying to get Oona’s Drive Thru cardigan done.  I’ve got the body and one sleeve finished.  The second sleeve has been cast – on and then there’s just the yoke and finishing, so I am feeling like I am in the home stretch.

I also cast on some super yummy Juniper Moon Farm Worsted Weight in a colorway I cannot remember (Aegean Sea?  Storm Cloud?  Dunno) using Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Wrap pattern.  It is going to to be AMAZING.  The pattern is gorgeous and the color of this wool is just perfect.

The knitting has been a balm for my mind and soul as we deal with a lot of things around here, both good and bad.  There’s much going on, and there will be a few changes in the coming weeks.  You’ll have to stay tuned to see how that unfolds.

I also should admit I’ve become rather obsessed with the King Arthur Flour website.  I want to try every recipe and order all of the neat gadgets and ingredients that look oh – so – fun to bake with.  I haven’t given in to the impulse much, but I did do something that made sense.  I bought a 25 lb.bag of flour and a bucket for it.  This winds up being way cheaper than buying the 5 lb. bags at the grocery store like I’ve been doing, since I go through so much of it.  I  am also thinking about ordering up some of their gluten – free fare, since so many of my friends are living gluten – free these days.

That’s a big – ass bag o’ flour!

I wonder how long it will last in this house???

One thought on “Friday Knitting

  1. All I have to say is: I *routinely* upend a 50 pound bag of flour into a bucket both of my kids can squeeze into….and MISS. Worst part? I can’t cry for fear I’ll turn into a biscuit. Or paste.

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