Findley- licious

I am lately smitten with a new yarn.

It’s Findley, one of the new Juniper Moon Farm yarns  in silk / merino that I was able to snag a few early samples of (along with an advance copy of a Findley pattern!) thanks to all the volunteer work I’ve been putting in over there.

On one of the many all – nighters waiting for lambs Caroline stayed with me and she was knitting one of the new patterns with Findley for the photo shoot for the upcoming book.  I was instantly in love.

Now that I am knitting it myself, I can tell you – it’s to die for.

I am working on the Three Lace Cardigan in colorway “Crocodile”.

I have never, ever, not once, knitted anything as fast as I am knitting this, for two reasons:

A: Caroline and I, completely independent of one another, decided we should have something knitted up in the new yarn to wear to Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend (a whole sweater, knitted in one week.  Clearly craziness is in the water down here, ’cause it’s gonna be close if I can manage it)

B: I am addicted to it.  I can’t put it done.  It’s WAY fun to knit with.  Every day when school’s done I pop my earphones in, open my This American Life app on my ipod (or the occasional Ricky Gervais podcast) , and knit until I can’t keep my eyes open.

I don’t have any pictures of what the finished product will look like – you’ll have to wait until it’s complete.

BUT – if you’ll be at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest this weekend, be sure to find us.  There will be plenty of it to feel for yourself!

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