And I’m Outta Here…..

This past week has been spent in a flurry of activity in preparation for Beach Week – I’ll be leaving for my annual book club retreat tomorrow and I’ll be there until Sunday.

Before leaving I had to get the house in decent shape (in hopes it won’t be too awful when I return), make sure I had plenty of easy – to – make food packed into the kitchen for the family, and finish up the hand – sewn garments I wanted to wear for the weekend.

Everything I’ve been working on lately has been Alabama Chanin – inspired.  This green dress won’t be for the beach weekend – it’s more of an early fall dress.

I will be wearing my stenciled and inked dress, however.  You’ll have to wait for pictures of it finished, though.

It’s been a solid week of work.  But, it’s been a labor of love.  And every pattern I have used out of their books have fit like a dream.

I’ll be back here Sunday evening with the beach report.  Until then!

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