And Then My Computer Crashed

I had planned a knitting-filled blogpost with picture updates of my Shepherd Sweater, and then my computer crashed.   This post is brought to you via my iPad, which, trust me, is terrible to blog from.

I am a little worried because it looks like my backup drive may not have been doing its job since mid-Octobwhen and I’ve uploaded nearly 1,000 pictures since then.

But, I probably can’t complain too much.  After all, since I’ve been using a Mac I have only had this problem once, and I switched over from PC a few years ago.

About my sweater : I’m about 10″ in, and still going strong.  The cables have been a lot of fun and it’s keeping my interest.  I even managed to knit a bit while getting caught up on The Walking Dead. 

We are still working on getting everything winter-ready as well.  The flock is in their smaller paddock for the winter, the ducks are in a new little house, the porch railings have been painted.  Everyone is getting wormed this week – the flock, the chickens, ducks and goose, even the dogs.  The vet is coming Friday to check everyone out one last time before he retires from farm animal medicine.

It’s a busy time, so the fact that I have managed so much knitting is nothing short of a miracle.  I may even try to get around to dyeing some sock yarn tomorrow!