What I’ve Been Doing (Instead of Blogging)

Oh, my poor neglected blog.  I’ve been lazy with you.

I’ve no real excuse except that it’s winter and I’d really just like to burrow for a bit.

It’s getting to be mid-winter here, though, and we’ve been checking the chicken coops and replenishing bedding and doing minor cleaning in them.  We’ll do a total clean out come spring, but we want them to have enough clean space to get through until then.

With Francis out hopefully breeding all our ewes I’ve also been spending some of this time taking stock of our farm supplies, organizing them,  and making lists of what we’ll need for lambing in May.  The ladies will need a good de-worming before then and hooves will have to be in proper order.

I’ve also been looking at seed catalogs and dreaming up planting schedules and new ideas for the next growing season (which hopefully will be much kinder than last year’s monsoon-a-palooza).

Other than that I’ve made some orange marmalade using THIS recipe:02.06.14a

And I’ve been making and eating a lot of this:


Cinnamon Bread.

School is being done at a leisurely pace these days (all day, sometimes by the fire), and knitting is getting accomplished along side of it.

It’s winter. It’s a good time for indoor projects and eating comfort foods.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing (Instead of Blogging)

  1. We all need a break from time to time. Besides in order to create…you have to experience and be inspired. Good for you for taking a break. I’m sure you’ll come back invigorated and full of ideas!

    • Aren’t those jars great? They’re from weckjars.com. I’ve seen Weck jars sold at World Market as well, and I’m sure Amazon has them.

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