Washi Shirt

Can I just say how much I love the Washi pattern from Made by Rae? LOVE. I’ve made several things with this pattern, both in woven cotton and in Jersey knits and I’ve had no misfires (knock on wood!!).

Today I’ll show you the shirt I made with some Amy Butler Lark fabric I’ve had waiting around for just such a project.

With the Washi pattern there is an option for the keyhole neck design or the scoop neck, and I prefer the scoop.


The front is pleated just under the empire waist.


Let me say this: I love empire waistlines. But, as a woman who is not shaped like a beanpole, it can be a challenge to wear them and not look pregnant. In fact, the last time I wore a high waisted blouse an older gentleman asked me how far along I was.


But with this pattern, this fabric, this comfort level, I don’t even care.

The back is gathered with elastic thread.


Unlike all of the other woven-cotton blouses I’ve made, this one sits comfortably. It doesn’t feel “off” in any way. I cut it out in the medium size and didn’t have to make a single sizing adjustment.


Neve was my photographer.  When she takes your picture, she bounces around a lot and you never quite know where to look or when she’s going to snap away. Also, I have a bad habit of looking pissed off in pictures even though I’m not.


…….And then we were feeling a little silly.


You cant see it in the pictures, but the destination sign for the bus reads “Walt Disney World”. I was kind of hoping that would come through here, but not so much.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

3 thoughts on “Washi Shirt

  1. I really love your shirt. The pictures are good and you don’t looked mad at all. But you did a wonderful job on that too and the fabric is lovely as well. If anyone says you look pregnant while wearing this top then they must have baby on the brain because you don’t even look like your trying to look pregnant in this shirt. Well done!

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