Still Making

I’m still hard at work being creative, though my time for it has been limited.  Spring means planting, planting, and more planting. When I’m not planting, I’m taking a look at how the fences, livestock, bees, and equipment have come through winter.  I’m taking stock of what has been accomplished in our school year and what is left to do in order to hit all of the goals we set out in the fall.  This year I am also getting ready for two weeks away in the beginning of June, which means streamlining how we do things so Paul, Emily, and Oona can manage without me and Neve.

But when I can, I am feeling all kinds of creative, and spending much happy time with my knitting needles and at my sewing machine.

Right now I am working on The Hollyburn Skirt from Sewaholic in a fantastic Denyse Schmidt fabric.


I’d bought this fabric a few years ago and never did anything with it because I wanted something more than my stand-by A-Line skirt. Something with a little more character.  I’m thinking this is it.


I’m feeling pretty good about my new little wardrobe I am slowly crafting. I may try to wear only me-made clothing this summer (aside from when I am doing livestock work, as that has to be hard-wearing, not-precious apparel).

I kind of wish that either I had more time with cool weather or that I was a faster knitter, because I think this skirt is going to look amazing with my Shepherd Sweater when it’s done.


Maybe in time for cooler nights in late summer?