Scout Day!

I got to have a pretty perfect day yesterday. We finally managed to get our schedules to align, and Lisa, Trina, Brittney, Jenn, and Susan all met here so we could ooh and aah over Scout!


Just look at that cutie!

Oona was thrilled because Lisa brought Alston along to swim. Neve and Emily hung around for all the food we had out. The rest of us were just so happy to be in each others’ company again and get some baby cuddles while we were at it.





I think Trina actually wins the award for “most smitten” with Scout.  It made me happy to see her getting to hold and snuggle him.  Almost as happy as it makes all of us to see Susan in this brilliant new phase of her life.


He’s such a happy little thing!


Lisa getting snuggle time.

I’m sad I didn’t manage any pictures of Jenn while she was here, but I am trying to mastermind another visit with her soon.  It’s such a treat to have friends like this that you can go months without seeing and then all fall back in together like it’s been no time at all.

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