Sweet Stuff

Have you seen Magic Custard Cake????

Alicia Paulson blogged about it recently and I just had to try it. And now, you should, too!


So creamy and delicious!


I’ve made it twice now; my family keeps asking for more! It was super easy, and though I was sure it wasn’t going to turn out properly either time, it “magically” did.

Speaking of sweets, Oona turned 8 this past Friday.  As usual, she requested a Carvel ice cream cake. She decorated it herself, and where Neve usually writes “Treat Yo Self” or similar on her cakes, Oona wrote “This cake is MINE”.

Can’t say I blame her – those things are so terribly good (and bad for you!).


You see the size of that thing? She has eaten almost all of it now – two days later – on her own. We all have some of it on Friday, but she has claimed it all for herself since. I told her to enjoy it, because at this rate I’m going to withhold all sugar from her until Halloween!

The news I am particularly happy to share, however, is that I finished the second sleeve of my Shepherd Sweater!


I am now working steadily on the hood. In fact, I’ve done precious little else all weekend. My needles are on fire!

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