Autumn Birthday

Sunday we drove out to our friends’ house to celebrate their son’s 7th birthday. Thankfully the weather held,  and we were able to mingle outside and enjoy grilled bratwurst and fresh oysters.

image image

And did I mention it’s beautiful out at their house in the fall?


Kirby, the welcoming committee.

image image

Paul and Emily missed out on the fun, due to a bad cold that is making its rounds. Paul is actually still down with it, and home from work today. I’m trying to power through today, and make some garlic chicken soup to aid in recovery.image image

Neve helped with the marshmallow roasting.

image image

Oysters! I actually got Neve to try one; she wasn’t thrilled with it, to say the least!

Lisa and Will always throw one heck of a party, and being out among the changing leaves on a mild October day with a great group of people……well, how can you go wrong?