Coming Soon: Lambs!

Wednesday was shearing day, and as usual Emily made quick and easy work of it. My favorite part is, of course, getting to catch up with her and hear her stories of the past year of life on the road.

It also great to see the color of the wool as it peals back from the shears, and imagine how it will look spun up into yarn.


Emily has some amazing colored wool woven into her hair this year. I’m in total awe.


This might be Granola’s first shearing. I’m not actually certain. She says his wool is much more Rambouillet than BFL.   I’ll be interested to see both how it evolves as he grows, and how his offspring will look.


I love how dark they are underneath the sun-lightened outer layers.




While Darby is a dark, inky black underneath,and Lyra  is not grayish black, Carina tends to be a lovely silver.


The good news is that we were thinking it may be too early to tell if anyone was bred. But, in at least Carina’s case, all indicators point to yes! She’s already got a bit of an udder and her sides are bulging in the best way.

Within the next month I’ll be on lamb watch!