I don’t know if it’s the hormones hitting me particularly hard, or if it’s just my usual semi annual bout, but I am feeling massively homesick lately.  It’s kind of hard being an artist that is mostly inspired by the terrain of the northest while I am living in the south.  Mostly it’s the eastern part of upstate NY, which is where I grew up.  We moved a lot when I was a kid so it’s really the whole region rather than a particular town.  I spent a lot of time in Kingston, and though I would never want to live there again, I definitely have the urge to go for a visit and see how things have changed.I guess it’s funny what sticks in your mind as you get older.  Now that it’s summer I am nostalgic for the many summer days I spent at my aunt Phyllis’ house in Tappan with my cousins, playing out all day in her yard with our Barbies.  And then there are days when what I’d really like is to go hang out at the picnic grounds overlooking Lake George in Lake George Village.  I liked watching the steamboats coming and going from the dock, and there’s nothing like a big bowl of freshly made ice cream at Wagar’s on the strip to wind down the day.

I really am a New England girl at heart – I like foggy overcast days and the smell of salty sea air.  Paul’s convinced I was a New England fisherman in a past life.  Maybe I am just weird.

Paul and I are headed to Martha’s Vineyard in July – I am hoping it will really feed my soul being up there for a few days and hold me over for another few months.  I’ll take plenty of pictures and spend time when I get home turning those into paintings.  That should help anyway.

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