Of Mucous and Migraines and……..Marcia?

I have got one kick-ass cold going on.  It’s been making the rounds hitting all members of the family, and Oona is its latest victim.  SHe was up all night congested and feverish, poor thing.  Of course you know that means I was up all night as well.  And when I threw in the towel and went downstairs at 2 this morning, Paul was still awake, too, trying to keep the ultra congestion at bay.

The worst of it for me has been that the massive congestion gives me massive migraines.  I took an Immitrex yesterday and was then useless for a good few hours, but when the pill wore off the pain came right back.  Today I’d been keeping it at bay with Advil, but the cottony feeling inside my head just would not let up, no matter what.  And that’s when I though of Marcia.

You see, my friend Marcia used to be knocked around pretty well by allergies when she lived in Virginia, and I remembered reading a while back on her blog that she had tried a Neti pot with positive results, and I figured if it worked for Marcia, it just night clear out my problems as well.  So I tried it today.  I irrigated the crap out of my nasal passages (and hopefully the sinuses beyond) with a nice saline.  And the congestion has lessened quite noticeably! Which is great because I was at the end of my rope, let me tell ya.  I am not 100% better (for example – I still couldn’t taste the super spicy rhubarb chutney and naan I just ate) but it is certainly an improvement.  I’ll do it again in a few hours and see if I can get even better results.

Thanks Marcia!!!!!!

One thought on “Of Mucous and Migraines and……..Marcia?

  1. Neti pots rule!!! So glad it helped you! I keep telling people that all you have to do is try it and you’re hooked … I could NOT live without mine. Sweet relief!!! 🙂

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