Amazon’s Customer Service Number

So I have experienced some pretty terrible customer service from recently (more on that another time) and since does not post its phone number anywhere it is pretty impossible to get any kind of satisfaction. There’s a long email chain process you have to follow and then you have the option for them to call you. That’s right – they don’t want their number revealed that badly.

However, there is a site devoted entirely to this problem here, and in that spirit I am publishing Amazon’s number here for anyone who needs it. It’s:


I can’t promise that will help much either, since they’ve outsourced their customer service to somewhere in Asia (and I have nothing but respect for the various peoples and cultures over there but it is very frustrating when you can’t solve your problem because you keep misunderstanding each other).

Happy Amazon bashing!

btw: to be “Amazoned” refers to being totally screwed with no chance of “comeuppance”

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