Overwhelmed Much?

I may be reaching the critical “I can’t keep up with all of this on my own” point.  Good thing vacation is near.

The weeds have completely choked out the herb garden, the veggies are so overproducing I may never eat meat again, the hanging baskets are dead.  And we’re not going to discuss the kids’ rooms.   I’ll be completely redoing Emily’s room soon – different everything and clearing it out totally – as soon as I have the go ahead from the boss (I’m guessing it should be okay to do right around when she’s ready to leave for college).   The great laundry mountains continue to defy me with their awesome size, and the fur has kicked up with a vengeance now that the temperature outside has risen to nuclear.  I gave Emily chores – including dishes – but that doesn’t seem to be working so well.  Despite all of my efforts it takes her up to 8 hours to wash one small sink full of dishes.  And then I usually have to re-wash them anyway.

All this frustration is definitely taking its toll – my will power and ability to avoid McGriddles has been severely depleted.  So sinful.  SO very bad for me.  But soooo yummy.

Anyway I’ve gotten some sewing projects done that I’m pretty happy with and the baby is doing great.  She’s now saying mama, dada, kitty cat, puppy dog, uh-oh, no, ow, and peekaboo. She’s 25th percentile for her height and 50th for her weight.  Little chunky monkey baby!

And then there’s Neve, who’s also doing great, except that she greeted the nurse at her well – child check-up by saying “I don’t want to see you pull out anything sharp.”

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