Turned a Heel

Yippee!  I turned the heel on sock #1 last night!  It seems like such a huge accomplishment with how long this sock has been taking me, and given how quickly a pair of socks can usually be whipped up.  I am choosing not to think about the fact that I still have to work up the toe and do it all over again. No, no I will not think about that second sock looming on the horizon. Or the fact that Oona has been pulling down the house all around me while I try to knit.  As an aside, it’s really difficult to work fiddly little cables on size 1 needles when your baby keeps yanking your shirt and yelling “BOOBIE!”

I had a picture of my progress but alas my camera died and I am too lazy to replace the batteries right now.  Instead I’ll post some this weekend, hopefully after sock #1 is finished.  (Wishful thinking?)

Paul is headed to Connecticut to pick up my brother’s car this weekend and Maddie will be here to help out so I am going to plant my butt in front of the computer and watch old episodes of South Park and Family Guy while I get down to some serious knitting.

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