The Trouble With Tadoodles, and A Sock Battle Won

Yes, I finished sock # 1 of the pair.  I’ve never ever had a sock take me so long to complete when I’ve thrown myself into it.  I blame the cabling.  They will be quite a beautiful pair, though.  On Friday I had the heel turned and broke out the french press to fortify myself for the long weekend.


It was just girls on Saturday (Paul was in Connecticut) and with a forecast of cloudy, frigid, and possible snow I was full of giddiness at the promise the weekend held.

Anyway, the sock got done.

I think I’ve mentioned that we don’t get cable here.    Our neighborhood is too new, there’s not enough demand for it, blah blah blah.  We have satellite but it is iffy.  I’ve always had this complaint about satellite – we have bad karma with it or something because when it goes down, it goes DOWN.  It doesn’t come back up until Paul gets home and goes on the roof or does whatever looking at it sternly and it works again (no I don’t call people.  They can’t figure it out either and make me feel stupid to boot)  It did not work this weekend, and I knew that Paul would not have a chance to look into it so I got some dvd’s to watch.  It was great until the dvd player went on strike.  I won’t get into the details but there is now a pile of parts that used to be a dvd player on the table in the craft room and I had to move the knitting and baby playing operation down to the living room so we’d have some tv.  It also didn’t snow, but it WAS frigid.  Good thing we had gas for the fireplace.


All I have left on this is to close up the toe, if Sushi will let me.  I plan to cast on the second one tonight, before I lose my steam.  And let me add that I will NOT be knitting anything with cables for awhile if I can help it.  I think some nice plain mittens and hats are in order.  I also have some lovely self – striping sock yarn that will look quite fetching knitted up in a plain and easy stockinette stitch.  So the battle is won, but the war is far from over.  One more to go.

Oona has caught the ick that has been plaguing Neve (cough, stuffy nose, fever) and we had a rather long and troublesome night last night, followed by my realization this morning that I, too am on the receiving end   of this oh so wonderful virus.  Very soon I will be donning my warm pj’s, sitting by the fire with my little needles and yarn, and NOT letting Oona play with her Tadoodles.


Excellent concept: toddler friendly crayons.  Washable.  Water soluble.  A great idea unless your toddler is normal and likes to taste everything.  That’s when water soluble becomes a big, fat mess.

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