Mini Sasquatch in the Garden!

Local Teen Spots Mini Sasquatch While Reviewing Garden Pictures!

“I was on the computer looking over pictures I had taken of the yard when I noticed something funny in one of them.  It looked oddly familiar, as though perhaps it was something I’d seen somewhere before, though I knew this picture to have just been taken.

The teen was in for a shock when she cropped her digital photo and magnified the image.  What came into focus was nearly identical to the classic “Sasquatch” photo seen throughout pop culture references.

“Oh my goodness.  It’s Sasquatch!!”

Though the image clearly shows the same Big-foot like loping walk and attitude it seems to be of slightly smaller stature and decidedly more feminine in features.  It has been dubbed the “Neve-squatch”, after a feral creature spoken of by ancient peoples that wandered through orderly villages leaving devastation in its path.  Unfortunately the teen had not seen the creature at the time the photo was taken, and searches to locate it have been thus far fruitless.  There are also a number of skeptics who believe the photo to be a hoax.

“They’re ain’t gonna  find no Big Foot out thar”, claims neighbor Cletus Flobe, “No such thing.  Just a trick for to get money and fame”.

Our teen, however remains steadfast in her claim.

“I was simply taking garden photos for a class project.  What turned up in one is as much a shock t me as anyone, and I absolutely did not stage it.”

For now local citizens remain on alert for an elusive creature that many believe are simply the stuff of legends.