My Little Boo

My sweet little Oona Boo dislocated her elbow today in a puddle rescue attempt gone wrong.  She hates puddles.  I tried to pick her up to carry her around it at the same time she was turning away to run in the other direction, and…..snap! Just a teeny, tiny little snap.  But it was enough.  She screamed a lot, and anytime she moved it caused her pain.  She kept pointed at her arm and saying What happen my arm? My poor girl.   Fortunately the doctor was able to pop it back into place and instantly my little Boo-ba Baby was back in action and then some.

This morning while we were laying in bed I was dozing a bit and she started yelling No!  No stop it!  Stop!!! and I woke up and asked her what was wrong.  She pointed to the tv where Dora was doing her “explora” thing and said Swiper grabbed it backpack! Funny girl.

She is currently scribbling little pictures onto colored paper and presenting them to me as gifts.  She’s all hopped up on the tamales Veronica made us.  It makes up for the loss of much needed time to get things done for the week.


Cuddles are better than clean dishes anyway.