In Which I Make You Decide

I’ve been struggling with naming our farm here for quite awhile.  I had decided on a name I love – Chanticleer Farm , last fall.  We are over – run with roosters, and I though the lovely old – fashioned French word for rooster would be the perfect name.  Problem is, the dot com is taken already.  Worst of all, it’s not even a farm, but “luxury rentals”.

For the last several months Emily and I have been mulling this situation over.  Do we say “Screw the dot com” and keep the name anyway?  That would require finding some available variation for website purposes which would be less than ideal.

Then we thought maybe “Belle Chanticleer” sounds nice, but it is grammatically incorrect since “Chanticleer” is a male noun and “Belle” is a female adjective.  It would have to be “Beau Chanticleer” which just doesn’t sound as nice.

We also really like “Magpie”.  Magpie Farm is taken.  But what about “Merry Magpie Farm”, “Magpie Hollow Farm” “Magpie Meadow Farm” “Magpie Creek Farm” or “Magpie Morning Farm” (that’s a little nod to a Neko Case song, btw).  There’s also “Wooly Magpie Farm” which strikes me as somehow hilarious.

We’re stymied.  Every time something sounds right we second guess ourselves.  So we’re putting it to a vote.  Leave a comment here or email me.  Even you lurkers that never comment (and I know there are a lot of you) – we need some input here!