Scenes From A Holiday Weekend, Part Two

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures I set aside for posting. Keep an eye out for Emily’s new blue hair streaks.  It was rather a pain in the butt to accomplish.

And now, since my stomach is still not quite better, I am off to lie down and finish reading Nineteen Eighty Four for book club.  Hope your 4th was fun and food filled!!!

Scenes From A Holiday Weekend, Part 1

We literally took 1500 pictures this weekend.  It took me quite a long time to go through them all, and then it was tough to pare down to what was getting posted here.  There still ended up being too many for one post, so I’m breaking it into two.  I’ve also been felled by some sort of stomach bug so it’s been slow going today.

We had plenty of family around and with the pool finally complete there was no excuse to not have fun.  There were watermelon margaritas (incredible!), grilled foods of all kinds, raw clams and Tres Leches cake.  The best part is that the kids have been outside all day and they fall asleep easily at night.  All that sun and fun tends to wear you out!

This is also the first summer since we’ve lived in this house (about 5 years now) that we’ve actually been able to make good use of the deck.  It’s always been so hot we don’t want to be anywhere near the outside world.  This year, however, it doesn’t seem too bad out there (this would be thanks to the pool) , and we happily have been dining al fresco every evening and sitting around the fire pit late into the night.