Jerry’s New Attitude

There’s been a gradual shift going on around here.  A change in demeanor, in behavior, in attitude. Jerry seems to have a whole new outlook on the humans around him.

He’s been letting us pet him.  Kiss his soft fuzzy nose, even (it feels like velvet!).

Sometimes he gets all in your face and nibbles on your lips and nose.  This all started around the time he realized that us bipedal types more often than not have little apple slices for him.  And he loooooooves apple slices.

It’s certainly made taking care of his vaccinations easier.

It also means that at times it looks like you’re making out with a llama.

I’m not honestly sure that making out with a llama is necessarily the best choice a person could make.

I’m just saying.

Either way, we’re all glad Jerry’s decided he likes us.

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