New Members of the Flock

Today we brought home two new hens (I know, we need more chickens like we need a hole in the head). I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I saw someone on Craigslist selling a Sicilian Buttercup hen. They’re not exactly the most common of breeds.
I didn’t want to bring her home alone (there’s that anthropomorphising I tend to do) so I bought a blue Maran hen as well.

They’ve been named Melinda (the buttercup, after Ghost Whisperer, Emily’s favorite show) and Amelie (the blue one, on the right).

She’s got quite an impressive comb.  I went through all her feathers, checking for any pointy hackle or saddle feathers.  I just do NOT need another rooster!

So far they are getting along fine in our front pen with Paddy duck, Berry the lame rooster (“lame” as in he has a bad foot) and little CC the hen who won’t stay out back with all the others.

If we keep on at this rate we may need to open our own “Chicken World”.

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