Boo To You!!!!!

We had a frightfully good time last night at our friends’ Halloween party. We all dressed in our costumes ( even Paul – he went as an IRS Auditor!), had lovely hard cider (the adults, anyway) and got to spend time with friends we don’t get to see nearly often enough.

Caroline and Neve, the mummy – wrap winners.

Theresa and I didn’t plan it, but we ended up being nearly twins……..right down to our stockings!

Like the mummy – wrap toilet paper stuck to our shoes?????

Our little lamb-chop slept for the first half of the party and was slow to warm up to it.

Cookie-eating contest.

Lots of vampires came to this party…..

Beth looked pretty smokin’ in her Joker costume.

The Book Club ladies, Halloween edition (those that were present anyway…..)

The Statue of Liberty in this picture just kills me.

We’ve got jack o’lantern lighting and trick or treating this evening.  And you????




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