Nashville Puppy Whirlwind

On Thursday I left the chaos of the household behind to drive 10 hours to Nashville with Susie and Jenny and two giant puppies.

The puppies were from the pairing of two of Susie’s Livestock Guard Dogs and were born this past December.  At ten weeks old, these two are HUGE.

Because they are a fairly rare breed (Maremma) there is no shortage of farms looking for them.  Susie’s friend Cindy in Texas was thrilled to take in both puppies, and proposed meeting us halfway between here and her farm.  That turned out to be Nashville.

Our bestest friend Jenny came along to help with puppy transport and we were off to Music City!

It’s a ten hour drive from here to Nashville but those sweet little pups gave us no trouble.

We met Cindy at the hotel along with friends Mary and Karen and the pups were handed over.  I think they were a little shocked at just how big these 10 week old “babies” are.

The next morning we had an excellent recommendation from the hotel staff for a great breakfast spot – The Pancake Pantry. We ate the best pancakes of our lives, and trust me, we know from pancakes.

After we ate we decided to check out some of the little shops nearby before heading back to the hotel.  We wandered into A Thousand Faces, a cute little shop right next door.  None of us had been to Nashville before, and this was shaping up to be an incredible trip.

They certainly did not fail to deliver a plethora of neat stuff!

From there the day got better and better.  At one point we found a small pub and had coffee and tea and the waiter refused to allow us to pay.  This was after we’d spent almost two hours in another shop talking to the owners about all manner of things.

The people in Nashville have to be some of the friendliest people anywhere.  I don’t know why this surprised me so much, but I can tell you it is true.

I think perhaps our favorite part of our entire stay, however, may have been breakfast the next morning, before we left to head home.  Some of the locals had told us to check out The Pfunky Griddle.  Nashvillians know how to eat!  This great little restaurant has griddles in the center of every table, and when you order what you want it is brought to your table in raw form so that you can cook it yourself. Sounds crazy, no?  But, we ordered omelets and french toast and it was AMAZING.

(Um, this pic was taken with my ipod, but you get the idea!)

We cracked our own eggs and added our own toppings and griddled it up!

We were all three very sorry to leave Music City.  I promise we’ll be back.  My only regret is not taking more pictures.  Susan had some really great ones – check out her blog post about our trip!

This Weekend in Pictures – Nashville Edition

One thought on “Nashville Puppy Whirlwind

  1. I’ve been to Nashville several times and agree with your assessment. There are many other great places to eat and visit.

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