Jerry & The Goats Go on Holiday

Remember I mentioned not too long ago that I was getting the animals ready for new pasture?  Today we loaded them up and brought them to it.

Jerry steadfastly refused to get into the trailer until I brought in a pan of his favorite forbidden treat – chicken food.

It took longer to get them loaded than it did to move them to their new stomping ground.  Which, by the way, you might recognize.

Running to their new pasture.

Some new friends joining in.

Do you know where they are now?  That picture was a dead giveaway.

Any ideas?

Here’s one more hint.  One of their new friends:

They will be in this new paradise while us humans figure out our living arrangements.  The chickens are all still in our backyard.  Jerry and the goats get to romp in a huge pasture with all the fresh grass and hay they can eat until we find our own huge pasture for them.

So……where are they?

(I would totally do a giveaway for this but it is just WAY too easy!)