Burgeoning Bounty

Last evening when I went to check on the squash and do some weeding I was greeted by the pleasant discovery of one fresh zuke ready to pick and the rest of the squash plants exploding.

My little pickling cucumbers are still very tiny but are promising plenty of yummy refrigerator pickles in the coming weeks.

Butternut squash!!!

I’m super psyched to see my Jack Be Little Pumpkins are well on their way.  They’re just about the right size but they need to darken up a bit before they’re picked and dried for fall.

Then there’s the tomatoes we’re salivating over.  I have roughly 18 tomato plants starting to fruit right now.  They’re all heirloom varieties: Bloody Butcher, Money Maker, Tigerella, and Amish Paste.  The bulk of them will be slow roasted and then frozen to provide us with a taste of summer all year.  Many more will be eaten straight off the vine.

I am so hungry right now.