Today’s Post Brought To You By Wool

I finished my Far Away / So Close shawl last week and was waiting for a good day without rain to take pictures of it.

As you can see Emily is still quite fond of modeling knitted goods.  Fortunately she’s actually good at it.

When I bought the yarn back at Rhinebeck I was in love with the fall colors in it – all of my favorites.  But then, while I was knitting with it I was afraid it looked a bit too much like an old couch my parents had in the 70’s.

However, once I blocked it I feel in love all over again.  I love how perfect this is for throwing on on a nice crisp autumn evening.

The colorway is  Spices and it’s from Maple Creek Farm yarn.  I would love to buy more of their yarn but their website seems to be non-functional and I can’t find any on the internet.  I should have bought some back at Maryland Sheep & Wool this spring.

Either way this was an easy and enjoyable knit and I will certainly be making plenty more.

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