Meet the New Babies!!!

I got a late birthday surprise (it was yesterday) when Caroline called me this morning to say that Milkshakes had her babies this morning!

We now have two little Angora – cross doelings! We’ve decided to give them the names that Milkshakes’ last litter would have had if they hadn’t been boys.  So without further ado, meet Sophie and Adelaide!

I can’t even tell you how smitten I am with these little girls.  They look SO much like their papa!  I can’t believe how curly they are.

Look at those big airplane ears!

Couldn’t you just nuzzle and kiss that little mouth???

Milkshakes is a great mommy and you couldn’t ask for better shepherds to care for the little family than Zac & Caroline.

This is the BEST belated birthday gift ever!

Edited to add: Watch them on Lambcam!

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