Yesterday was the kind of January day I need more often.  The kind where you get a surprise snow shower and have plenty of knitting and reading, and a full tank of propane to keep the fireplace lit all day.

The snow barely stuck and was over too quickly, but it was lovely while it lasted.  Oona kept begging to go play in it – but it was too wet and muddy out.

I did manage to block a sweater I finished back in November after we finished up school for the day, and installed our new National Geographic Complete Collection onto my computer (the girls will be using this for social studies).

Paul will be having back surgery soon (nothing to worry about – we are looking forward to some relief for his pain) and I am hoping for winter to finally show up in force afterwards since he will have a several week recovery at home (and we won’t have to go anywhere).   For now the kids are indignant that the sun is out and temperatures are hanging in the 50’s. So am I.

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