The Long – Finished Sweater

I finished a sweater.  Back in November.  I actually wore it to Fall Shearing.  Where I got baby goat poop all over one newly minted arm of it.  But I digress.

It has taken me this long to get it nicely blocked and to photograph it so I can show it off.  None of these things have stopped me from wearing  it, but I realized I really needed to get it posted here before it didn’t look so nice and new anymore.

The pattern is Fair Enough by Wendy Bernard.  The yarn is Fine Cormo wool from Juniper Moon Farm.  And the model who was making a weird face that she wouldn’t have loved me posting for the world to see is Maddie.

I love the colors – I picked them out because they all looked so lovely together.  I didn’t realize that the blue and pink in the fair isle portion would blend in so well.   They were supposed to “pop” a bit more.  But now that I’ve worn it and gotten used to ti I quite like the subtlety.  It’s actually better this way because the main color has a lot of green and pink hues in it that look almost variegated in spots.

Also I got to use brighter – colored buttons (thank you Susan!) than I otherwise would have done.

Now if it would only stay cold enough for me to wear it!

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