Gone Visitin’

Yesterday I was treated to being able to get out of the house a bit (Paul is almost fully recovered, aside from restrictions on lifting) and see Susan, who was home for literally ONE day between trips, and also to see my animals, who I’ve been missing terribly.

We’re making headway in our efforts to bring them home, though.  Trees are coming down, cleaning up is underway, plans are in process.  It’s very exciting!  I can’t wait to be able to look out the window again and see my flock.

Sophie and Adelaide’s baby-daddy, Jack – who may or may not be the future baby –  daddy of kids that Milkshakes may or may not be already carrying.  She’s been sneaking into his pasture to spend some “quality time” with him.

I got to see Coconut, who is 18 kinds of adorable, and I just want to rub those ears!  But, aside from nibbling at Susan’s fingers, he’s a bit skittish still.

Mr. Jefferson here gave me lots of nice, wet cow kisses.

Sophie and Adelaide are almost as big as Milkshakes, and they won’t let me near them.  On the plus side, unlike Frodo and Finnegan who thought they were lapdogs, these little ladies know they are goats.

Wren!  She’s gotten just about too big for me to be picking her up and snorgling her now.

As for Jerry, he likes to make it difficult to get a decent picture.  Once he knows your game he’s either INYOURFACE or lurking just behind you.

This way you either get NO pictures, or ones like these:

I miss that crazy llama!


4 thoughts on “Gone Visitin’

  1. I have a couple of those Jerry pictures! I’m so glad Jefferson is doing well, I know there was a little bit of a rough patch…and Coconut! I so can’t wait to see Coconut in real life.

    (Oh and glad you were able to see and send Susie off on her VACATION.)

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