I May Have A Problem

A Weck Jar problem.  As in, I can’t stop collecting them.

I have shelves full of them, both empty:

and full:

There’s plenty more of them full of good things in the fridge as well.

I just think they are so much better than regular old Ball Jars.  Not only are they prettier, but they are made to be obvious if your food has been compromised:  the clips are removed after processing, and if there is any spoilage along the way, the pressure it causes will force the seal open, thereby letting you know the food is bad.  The screw – on lids of Ball Jars don’t have such a fail – safe.

If only I had more garden bounty to fill them with!

5 thoughts on “I May Have A Problem

  1. And I thought they were just good looking! I love that you can tell if your food’s gone bad. I’m already planning to start my collection next year.

  2. I think they’re pretty, but way too fiddly for my taste. For the Ball jars, most books advise storing them without the rings (or loosening them up a great deal) so that spoilage will make the tops pop off.

    • Honestly I’ve just been ordering them from Weck.com. We don’t have a lot of options near us to buy them locally. Crate & Barrel’s about an hour away. 🙂

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