I am finding that there’s something oddly addictive about burning brush and building up a big bonfire. I think it speaks to something primal in our collective subconscious.  Something about our beginnings as a species and our first experience with flame.

Then there’s the layers embedded in our own individual memories; nostalgia for campfires and parties in the summer, or huddling around a big fire in the colder months, maybe with a mug of hot cider.

It’s cozy and wild at the same time.   At night after a long day of working at clearing the land it’s been mesmerizing watching the flames and the sparks dancing up into the sky. (it also makes me happy to think that this means progress, that we are closer to our animals coming home).

With the air beginning to chill the smell of the woodsmoke is the perfect thing to make it feel like fall.

The Harvest Moon is September 29th this year.  I can think of no better place to enjoy it than right by this big, beautiful fire.

3 thoughts on “Fiery

  1. Last fall and winter we burned an entire 40ft tree the neighbors had to have taken down. Doesn’t seem like much, but we only have a 18″ high, 3ft round fire pit in our yard. We love to sit out there most evenings and have learned how to just muffle the fire so we don’t have to start from scratch every night. As long as the temp is above 35 we sit, although there are evenings when it’s too cold to get a good enough fire going to sit out there.

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