Today we took a school field trip out to the local orchard for apple picking.

The kids have been waiting not – so – patiently for this for a few months now, but I wanted to wait until the orchard had a wider selection of apples than just Jonagold and Golden Delicious.

Today we were in luck and nabbed ourselves some Fuji, Winesap and Jonagolds.


It wasn’t the best day for picture – taking, unfortunately.  It was very, very bright and very windy.


It didn’t take long to fill up our bags and trudge back up to the apple barn to pay.

And pay we did.  We picked SEVENTY SIX POUNDS OF APPLES.

That’s a lot of apples to carry.  And we made sure we got some fresh apple cider donuts and apple cider slushies.

It was a very sugary morning, and now I have SEVENTY SIX POUNDS of apples in my kitchen.

There’s going to be a lot of apple sauce happening this week.