Autumn 2012 Shearing!

Saturday was Juniper Moon Farm’s Fall Shearing and Magazine Launch party.

There was locally – raised pork barbecue courtesy of our friends Will and Lisa, pies, hot apple cider, bluegrass music, and the Shearer Extraordinaire, Emily Chamelin.

I recently got my hot little hands on a copy of the very first issue, so I was thrilled to help Susan celebrate the premier of  her By Hand Magazine.

If you are at all interested in DIY  (cooking, crafting, building, gardening….) and haven’t had a chance to check out By Hand yet, what are you waiting for?

Taking pictures of the animals never gets old, either.  These three have a bit of attitude.  In fact, I agreed to take them off Susan’s hands once we are ready.  They have been getting a bit too aggressive with the sheep and goats lately, and I could use them for patrolling for snakes.

Sweet Mr. Orzo.  He is such a love.  But he’s very much a puppy also.  I’ll be making time to do some serious training with him before long.

Check out this little cutie’s Hunter Boots!  Her mother is our awesome friend (and JMF’s web designer), Michelle.

The always lovely Shirra!

Peggy and George started off the square dance after dinner.

My friends Diana and Keith enjoying the shearing and some cider.

Lucy, the self – appointed farm ambassador.

Cookie tree!

You won’t see many pictures of Susan and I together; neither one of us particularly likes getting our picture taken.

Our adorable and very pregnant friend Lisa.

Fall Shearings are always my favorite, and this was exceptional.  We stayed late under the lights and banners and stars, enjoying the brisk air, the smell of cider and the warmth and company of good friends.

6 thoughts on “Autumn 2012 Shearing!

  1. thanks for sharing the pics. looks like an awesome time was had by all. i love the cookie tree! who’s rockin’ the ucla sweatshirt? i love seeing fellow (or sister) bruins represent on the far coast!

  2. I love the farm SO much and it was wonder and envy I saw in every picture. I wish I could have been there and hugged everyone I knew. Your pictures reminded me how lucky I am to know you and Susie et al.

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