We’ve had many requests for more formal introductions to our new flock, so here you go!

Those of you who are regular readers of Susan’s blog will recognize everyone.  If you are not a regular reader of Susan’s blog…….why not???

Adelaide the  goat.

Adelaide with her mama, the infamous Milkshakes (yes, we are pretty sure Milkshakes is bred again.)

George, our friend Lisa’s Maremma.

Orzo, our Maremma (left) and George.





Aaaaaaand our only boy (castrated though he be):


Last but not least, the real character around this place, Jerry:

Everyone is doing very well and adjusting nicely.  The dogs are still trying to learn their manners – they are only puppies after all – but otherwise it seems to have been a smooth transition.

And, rest assured -I know there are many Alabama fans out there – all of the fleeces from these sheep are still going back to Susan.  I have no desire to run any kind of a fiber – based business, and though I looooooooove working with fiber it makes little sense for my to try to send my few fleeces to a mill.
I am just thrilled to share my home with these beautiful animals and enjoy their antics.  I am lucky enough that  my couch,  dining room table and kitchen sink all have large windows that face the pasture, so as long as I am downstairs, I have a magnificent view.

Come have a cup of coffee or tea and knit with me sometime!