The Sweetest Little Lamb

Yesterday I got to spend a good part of the day visiting with my friend Lisa over at Red Row Farm.

She and her husband Will welcomed their second child the day before Thanksgiving and I got to wait on Lisa and sweet little Marie for a few hours while Oona played with four – year old Alston.


I got my “newborn baby” fix in (she smells divine!), Oona had a blast, and I got to catch up with a dear friend that I have not gotten to spend enough time with lately.


Unfortunately, Lisa’s farm is a good 45 minute drive from us – close enough to be local, but far enough that popping in to each other’s houses regularly isn’t as easy as it should be.  The good news is that Lisa’s husband is a fabulous cook (they do own a few restaurants around here after all) so I don’t feel too bad that I haven’t been able to drop off regular hot meals to them.


Baby and mama are doing just fine, and hopefully soon we’ll see a lot more of them.