Happy Spring?

On Friday, it looked like this:


Today, it looked like this:


The weather forecasters had predicted a snow/rain event – something along the lines of some scattered wet slush.

This is not what we expected.  There’s at least 4 inches out there and it’s not over yet.  You know, I love snow.  But really, this belongs back in December or January.  Not late March.


Yesterday it was so nice out we worked on clearing out more brush and burning it.  Today the ash was still smoldering, so when Paul threw some more logs onto it we got flames again.  By nightfall it looked positively Viking – style out there.  It was pretty nice to have a big bonfire going while we were working on feeding the animals and making sure everyone had plenty of hay.  The babies and their mamas all have shelter, though they did scamper out in the snow a bit.


Paul got some hilarious pictures of the animals while he was out reinforcing the roof of the lamb shelter.


And I am thankful I didn’t shear the sheep yet.



Angry goose is ready for spring.

The rest of us are, too.


2 thoughts on “Happy Spring?

  1. I sympathize…yesterday it was 60 and sunny, beautiful. Today, hail storms and rain, down 30 degrees in temp. Tomorrow and Tuesday…snow. We don’t have sheep, but our horses are already starting to shed out their coats, and they’re none too happy about this wacky weather!

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