Fun with Friendship

Last week we were lucky enough to have Susan stay with us for a few days in between her trip to Scotland and her trip to the Northwest.

Unfortunately, it was still rainy and humid and just awful out, but she came with ideas for indoor fun.

Off we went to Michael’s to buy several bags full of embroidery floss for friendship bracelets.  At 37 cents per color, we nearly cleaned them out.


Oona took to it right away.  It kept her busy and quiet for quite awhile.  That Susan, she’s a genius!



Oona’s finished bracelet.


I love these ocean-y colors.  I also think they would look good on Susan……..


Our creative mess.

Though Susan’s visits are always all – too brief, she left us a massive pile of colored floss so we can keep making more.

Rainy day activity? Done!