I’ve Got Coooooookies!!!!

Did you know sheep and goats can have animal crackers?  You know, those animal – shaped cookies we all ate as kids?

I didn’t know until I met Susan.  Nor did I know just how crazy they are about them!


I don’t always give them cookies; it’s more of a treat once in a while.  I’ll stuff my pockets with them and head out, and once they see I’ve got them, they swarm.

When they’ve had a few days’ where I have them, they automatically sniff around my pockets looking for more as soon as they see me.  It’s kind of a nice trick to get them comfortable enough so I can approach them for whatever reason I may need to.

They also tend to jump on me and shove their noses into my pockets trying to get all the cookies they can.


They certainly know where their bread is buttered!


The goats, of course are terribly pushy and greedy, but one sheep is likewise eager for cookies, and that’s Orion.


Fairfax and Alabama really appreciate treats and will follow me hoping for handouts, but Orion beats his way through the goat crowd to make sure he doesn’t miss out.



If you’re not careful, you can lose a finger!


Inevitably I run out way before they’ve had enough.

Time to go buy another box!