Art Day

For Christmas Paul and I got the girls painting sets modeled after the Great Masters’ most iconic works.  They’re called “Master Kitz”, and each one includes some information about the artist and his work, plus instructions to make your very own version.
Emily got Hokusai’s “The Great Wave”, Neve got Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (thanks to a very soft spot for a certain Doctor Who episode featuring said artist), and Oona got Monet’s “Water Lilies”.

Today the younger girls decided they wanted to break out their kits and work on them for school (Emily was deep into The Joy Luck Club and I wasn’t going to complain).


Thankfully Oona’s kit used chalk pastels instead of paint.  Less mess for me to worry about!



Oona had fun shading with her fingers and tracing the water lily stencil.


Her finished product!


Neve’s project looked like a lot of fun.




Neve’s Starry Night!

They had A LOT of fun making these.  Each kit came with two heavy pieces of paper along with all the paint/pastels and stencils you need, plus super instructions.

No, I am not getting paid by Master Kitz!  I just love how much fun they are!