Heading Out!

Despite the squash bugs destroying so much in the gardens, we are still seeing a lot of tomatoes and basil:


Perfect for pesto!  Pretty soon I’ll spend a weekend making  large batches pesto ravioli to freeze – just around the time we’ll be starting school.

As a matter of fact, I’m seeing more and more of this lately:


Summer’s waning, alright.

This weekend, though, I am headed out to a wedding up in the Hudson Valley. Fall’s going to have to hold off for at least a few more weeks!

Paul will be holding down the farm with the kids while I enjoy a mini reunion with family I haven’t seen in ages.  I’m a little nervous leaving them again so soon, and it’s a long drive north in the morning. I know Paul will do fine, though.  He’s been bonding more with the guard dogs than I ever anticipated he would; he even tries to invite them inside when the weather’s bad.  Nevermind that it’s their job to be out there, or that they were bred for harsh weather. Between that and all the kitten cuddling lately, I think he’s going soft.

There’s plenty going on in the next few weeks: apple picking, labor day, school, mine and Paul’s birthdays, and Emily is coming the first week of September to shear the goats.

Have a great weekend and enjoy it still being summer while you can!