Delicious Scotland

Ever since we got home we have been meaning to re-create a delicacy we enjoyed in Edinburgh.

Deep-fried Mars bars.

Deep. Fried. Mars bars.

We had heard about them from Jessie before we went over, but it wasn’t something that necessarily sounded appealing at the time. Would we try it? Meh.

But then, we got to Edinburgh, and our first day was cold, rainy, and windy.  We traipsed all over the Old Town and though the sun occasionally made an appearance and briefly warmed us, the weather was mostly a cold, grey, bucket of suck. (Not that that would deter me from moving there in a heartbeat!)


Firth of Forth bridge – our very first view of Scotland.


We walked all around this part of the city, taking it all in, trying to keep warm and dry, and failing.


We kept passing this little hole-in-the-wall advertising Deep Fried Mars Bars, but we were trying to sample more traditional Scottish fare.


And though we were fairly successful at finding good Scottish food, we did have a challenge finding a dinner spot we could get Neve into. In Scotland, under 18’s are not allowed in restaurants past 8 pm. The rule is they have to be “In by 6, out by 8”.

So after wandering, cold and damp, we gave in and decided to try the fried candy.


It was delectable! Warm, gooey, full of sugary goodness to give us that boost we needed to make the trek back to the hotel.

On our last night in Edinburgh we tried them again – along with deep fried Snickers – with our friends.


Eating deep fried chocolate bars and tasting authentic Scotch Whiskey with our best friends is still one of our favorite memories.

Back home, we knew we could get our hands on some Mars bars from World Market. But how to go about making them?


First,  I knew they had to be frozen pretty solid. But beyond that, I wasn’t sure what batter would be best.

So, the other night we tried our first round. I made batter from flour, corn starch, milk, baking powder, and salt.


I’m going to give it a B+. The batter was a bit too thick and too bread-y, and the Mars bar was not gooey enough.

Paul, Oona, and Emily were sold, but they hadn’t tried the original.

However, based on this first try, Neve and I are pretty confident we’ll nail it.

Then we can enjoy them and pretend we are looking at this view:


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